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Dear Mr. President Michel Sleiman,

In my life, I have grown in my beloved country, Lebanon, on peaceful and most secured grounds. Nothing would stop my family and I from hitting the mountains every weekend and enjoying the beauty of our land’s nature.



As a little kid, I had no fear from roaming the streets and playing with my neighbor’s children. It had never given my mother any shadow of a doubt that I had been safe; however it did not mean that I hadn’t given her a hard time. My passion to discover my neighborhood’s streets and its people had been my ultimate goal. The Lebanese people, who we used to know, were the most caring and respectful people you could ever meet in the middle-east.

We called it “Heaven-On-Earth, The Switzerland of the East, Paradise,” and so many other names. We had four seasons, towering mountains and sprawling sea, amazing food, and amazing nightlife.

Unfortunately, everything above has since withered; all pleasant memories of these things were left in the dust of the past. It was all once a beautiful dream. Now, in my mid 20’s, I am afraid to roam the streets, afraid that my sister will get raped by foreigners, afraid that my father would get kidnapped, or my mother to be robbed. I am afraid that if I argued with a foreigner, I could get stabbed, bleed out on the streets, and no one would care. Meaning you, our government, those whose sovereign duty is to protect us, to unite us, and to give us hope; you would not care. It is sad, but I feel as if it is so.

I am someone who does not believe in politics, nor do I understand their vast complexity. All I know is that the politicians have failed me. Where is my country? I have been forsaken, and abandoned in the midst of chaos and discord. My hope is lost, kind memories faded, my spirit shattered, and shaken to its very core. Thus, I am one who has long since given up on the fragile foundations of religion, for I have become greatly disheartened.



Why? The Lebanon I see through these eyes of mine has taught me to HATE, and to KILL people over the petty differences of religion. There is no peace, no safety, no kind memories to be built upon, and there never shall be, so long as people draw guns and knives upon each other in the name of God.  Lebanon, the phoenix, has burnt to ash before my eyes, and has caused me to lose my patriotism.

Once, my patriotic cry was the biggest and the loudest out of most people you could ever meet. I loved my country, and was proud of my love. Amongst my world travels, wherever I went, I would explain to people at any chance I got, that Lebanon was not a terrorist country, nor was it a close-minded-Islamic country like KSA, or other Arab countries of that kind. I would swear that one could drink, relax, and party to their heart’s content without anyone telling them to stop, and do this or that.



Now, however, my mind can’t grasp at anything pleasant to explain of what MY BELOVED LEBANON is like.  Where would I start?  Shall I explain of the corruption, or perhaps the wars? How about brother killing brother? Don’t get me started on the bombs. Because of the civil unrest, Lebanon is no longer a safe place to be. So then, what of tourism? What luring beauties remain of my country are shrouded behind the fact that one might die trying to discover them.  One can’t venture into our land safe and sound for the fact that they could get killed for either petty reasons, or for no reason at all.  What future is there in this, when we can provide no security? The freedom we HAD to do these things here, our freedom, our SANCTUARY, has been taken away. Nothing is sacred anymore. We cannot even share what love we had for our country with those around us. Why now would we want to?

I do not recognize the country I am living in anymore. I walk down the roads and all I could see is Syrian refugees, Egyptians, Indians, Sirlankans, or Ethiopians, just to name few and not being racist ;however factually these are taking over the economy, the Lebanese Economy.



I realize that the Lebanese people have become brainwashed by corruption, blindly following heinously uneducated leaders who are walking us all over a cliff, robbing us with a smile right in front of our eyes, and we the people are hopeless to make a change! I am still young in my mid 20’s and all I can think about is when I can escape this hell I’m living in. It is not right, for in this time in my life, I should be able to concentrate on important things like building a stable future for myself and the future family that I’ll have. I should not have to feel that I need to go outside of this country to find stability in doing these very basic things. However I do not wish to raise my family in the midst of the abyss of chaos that my country has become, only to lose my children to the dangers of the streets I once was able to roam as a child.

My eyes sting with tears as I write this. For I am filled with sorrow, anger, and betrayal at the fact that MY BELOVED IS DYING, and I am leaving it all behind!

Mr. President, I have no doubt that you know these things, and are trying your best to untangle these situations, but please note that if we continue in the way we are doing, there will not be any home for the Lebanese in Lebanon.

I really hope you can shed some light on this. I hope you have an answer to these problems I have presented in this article, because I am confused and lost, but most of all, I am filled with sorrow. You are responsible, as a leader, to give us hope. Tell me, Mr. President, where is the glimmer of sunshine called future? Where is my hope?

Sincerely, A very sad citizen!
Elia Moussawer

إليا مصور

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  1. Nadine says:

    Amazing article elia, you made me tear for Lebanon

  2. Rachel says:

    Well written. You have my signature if
    You want to send it. Just say when. Valid, true points on all the above.

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