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The series of boycotting to foreign artists is back again, this time with the Rock band Guns N’ Roses.
“Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel in Lebanon” An organization who started recently a campaign against Guns N’ Roses, claiming that the band performed the national “Israeli” anthem last year during their concert. This is not the first time that CBSIL starts a campaign against a foreign artist who performed in Israel, mentioning Lara Fabian , Gad El Maleh, Placebo, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many others.

On their facebook event, CBSIL is trying to use somehow a psychological explanation on why we shouldn’t support Guns N’ Roses; Such as “Is this Lebanon The Great?” “Don’t buy tickets for a band who supports a country that took your houses and made you refugees” (Last time I checked, I was still in Lebanon and Free at my own house).

When will these people stop being ignorant, and start accepting the fact that if we’re to boycott artists who performed in Israel, we won’t be having any international performances whatsoever!??

Fine, they want to boycott, let it be! I’m sure few would support them, but crossing line to actually threaten the artists or talk shit about them, that is something I won’t shut up about! Lebanon is literally dying to have great summers, and every year some douchebags try to start some kind of propaganda so they could be heard! Well guess what, people are laughing at you, and people will keep on laughing at you until you grow brains in this tiny head of yours and start accepting facts that you can’t change!

I’m against this campaign, against this organization, and against every single person who thinks that boycotting Guns N’ Roses will make any difference or simply satisfy their own believes!

I would really like to know what you think! Share your thoughts.

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23 Responses so far.

  1. Amadeus Awad says:

    I am against boycotting, unless we go live in tents.
    Are these guys using Facebook? Laptops? Mobiles?
    It is obvious that boycotting will not bring Palestine back.

    • Elia says:

      In their defence It’s a step towards making a difference.
      I can’t believe how people can be so damn stupid and ignorant!

  2. Sarah says:

    They’re taking the wrong steps to serve the cause. Boycotting the bands that performed in Israel has nothing to do with bringing Palestine back. Ugh.

  3. Mano says:

    We Still have Those Ignorant Fucked Up People In here , They Can Simply Go And Live IN KSA OR IN IRAQ . THIS IS LEBANON FREEEE Country , Free Minds , Free thoughts . Deal With It And Move ON . About GNR Concert It’s Gonna BE FUCKIN WILDDDDDDD

  4. samah idriss says:

    This is our “claim”. You can ignore the truth but that does not mean GnR did not play the tune. Please guys do not play the civilized when you’re ignorant of the truth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1ouOlRNqaw

    • Charles says:

      Mr.idriss samah, first of all, we are not denying that guns and roses played in israel, but performing in israel does not make them ennemies, neither all the other artists that performed there, ignorance is the only enemy we have, and it seems you have plenty of that, in the last years you and CBSIL have harmed us neutrals more than israel itself, so just let us enjoy the bands we love to hear, and try to solve the political problems in politics … thank you …&…

    • Sam says:

      Israel this, Israel that, and sooner than we know, they are controlling every aspect of our lives thanks to your israelophobia. I am all for diplomatic pressure, but u should know your BDS have never, and will never affect Israel’s nor the bands’ interests for a simple reason: you do not have enough leverage.

      Hamdella, arabs have proven to be so worthless and irrelevant to global issues that all the cries they can muster will never add up to more than a baby crying for his toy.

      So before you go all heroic with your “intellectual boycott”, try to becone a bit more culturally, politically, and economically relevant.

      Work more, talk less.

      • Elia says:

        Dear Samah, with all due respect to you and your cause, we really don’t care if they sang the Israeli national anthem or the Pakistani one… what we care about is that a legendary band called Guns N’ Roses are coming to Lebanon to perform their amazing hits.

        Now, about your cause and what does it bring to us as Lebanese, is nothing… We support blindly of course, but it’s not our case or battle when it comes to Music or when we want to see our childhood idols playing for us in our beautiful country Lebanon :)

        Oh and one last thing, Music has nothing to do with Politics, so stop dragging it around and calling it a “cause”! Whenever there is Politics, there is corruption on any kind of level or ground.

        We want a good summer, good musicians and artists to come here and discover the beauty of the Middle-East, and not scare them away!

  5. Joe says:

    To all those against the boycott:

    I will stand with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela, and before them Martin Luther King and Gandhi, and let you sit on the stand with those who ignored other boycotts in history and stood on the wrong side of history. Many of you just care about your individual interests and just to “have fun,” while I’m sure you all complain about the problems of your country. When people stand up to make a difference and to call on us to use our economic and cultural power, you stand against them and express your defeatist world views: “what difference is this or that action going to make!” you ask, and you refuse to learn from other movements in history. You think of Israel as just any other state and refuse to see how your Palestinian brothers and sisters suffer from such a state, and how your own country (Lebanon) suffers from Israeli policies. Music is political when it is performed for the public. It operates in this world, not outside it, and so do your positions. While we might not fight with guns, we can use moral pressure to isolate Israel, and to let bands like GNR know that they will not benefit from our market while also benefiting from Israel’s market, especially when they play nationalist songs in Israel and promote Israeli nationalism. Will boycotting GNR liberate Palestinians? Of course not as an individual act. But action upon action, building a movement, and building on boycott successes, will bring about change, as it did in India, South Africa, the US, and elsewhere in history. The proof of the success of the boycott is in the response by the Israeli government: setting up laws against boycott, spying on activists, setting up organizations to combat the boycott, and other such responses.

    I prefer you just say you are defeatist and believe only in your own self interest. At least then I know where you stand. Don’t talk about bettering your country and community because clearly all you care about is “having fun” at anyone’s expense.

    • Elia says:

      You call it “Having Fun” I call it “Changing History” my friend :)
      You speak of Israel as its the only country that is interested in taking over Lebanon … You speak of the Palestinian cause as if we, Lebanese are not trying to do anything.
      Dear Joe, Lebanon is choking, Lebanon is dying and Lebanon is already being conquered by over 5 countries (you know them, no need to mention).
      We nee to breath some air, we need to enjoy our summers and we need Lebanon to be heard aboard!

      This is Politics, and as a person who would like to see Lebanon shining, i refused to being politics to my table, i refuse to ban any artist from coming, and i refuse to support any cause that would ruin my interests in this country, JUST so can few people be happy and say “Thank you”.

      • Joe says:

        Elia, it is not me who brought politics into this, it is GNR who did so by performing in Israel. Like I said, it is not all about having fun and enjoying your summer. This is not all your country is. Relying on concerts and tourism to ignite our economy is a dead end in such a region at war, and with all these neighbors. Sure, there are other countries that pose major problems, but Israel has the added factor of being an occupying power, an apartheid regime, and a colonial society. In some case the other countries, like Iran and Syria, are already boycotted by global powers.
        In case you did not realize, you already brought politics to your table. You cannot hide behind this imaginary idea that you are not being political.

        Finally, what are you doing for the Palestinian or Lebanese cause? It is a serious question. And whatever it is you are doing, doesn’t it make sense to stand together and support our various movements towards the same cause? There are plenty of musicians who do not play in Israel and have even openly boycotted. We don’t need to get some Grade C outdated band from the late 80s to show how progressive we are. GNR was my favorite band in 1990. When was the last time they did anything of substance? In the US the new generation probably doesn’t even know who they are. yet the Lebanese are so proud to bring these people and to sell themselves for such old name bands. Does Slash even play for them anymore? He made them. So let us come up witha better excuse than to say “if we boycott there would be no one to bring to Lebanon.” Really? GNR and Armin are all the musicians left in the world?? Pick from the many bands on this list and the hundreds more who have been silent so they did not even make this list: http://www.pacbi.org/etemplate.php?id=1992

  6. Fadi Badran says:

    we share the same air with israel ! lets boycott breathing !! they r not lebanese to boycott them if they performed in israel !! they are free !! …its STUPID !!

    • Joe says:

      Fadi, this is the defeatist mentality I am talking about. You can put pressure on bands, but to say that since we cannot boycott everything in the world we should just do nothing, this is defeatist. You can start with some actions, where the Palestinians are asking you to stand with them in solidarity. No one is holding a gun to GNR’s head. But we can put some conditions. And we can learn from the successes of history.

      • Rabih Deaibess says:

        dear joe!!you talk as if you know what boycott means and how it works!! well let me tell you my friend!! you don’t!! nelson,ghandi….where smart!! and took smart choices!!
        let me tell you y i don’t support you or your stupid cause!!
        first!!the shit we are into as lebanese are enough for us to try to deal with!! no need to bring the shit of others like your Palestinian friends!!whom if you remember where our enemies in the war!!and they were the people that started the Lebanese civil war!!you wana talk history? learn your own country’s b4 you try to look like lfehmen!!
        second!!boycotting the music for being performed in an enemies country?!!where you even born when they took over Palestine?!hein?and people that where born there that comes from a new generation!!did they choose to be Israel? no..did they vote for the war no!! so you have the right to hate them and forbid them from the music?,the only thing that still means something in this stupid world!!
        Ghandi respected humanity!! he was humble, and smart!! and fight politics with politics!he never harmed a single person not by any way!!
        so I tell you my friend :”And we can learn from the successes of history.”

        • Joe says:

          What does boycott mean, my friend? Since you are so knowledgable?
          The Israelis did vote for the war, actually. They supported the war on Lebanon and have supported the colonization of Palestine in different ways, including through elections. So try another argument.
          And please try to have a little more respect for human struggles. The Palestinians are not your enemy, they did not choose to be in Lebanon, and we would all benefit from resisting Israel. Until then, you can keep expecting possible violence in Lebanon. And you can choose to stick your head in the sand, but your problems will not go away. Instead of seeing me as the enemy, and talking to me like I’m your enemy with your rude and condescending language, you might try to look at the root of the problem, and see that responsibility lies with Israel. I’ll continue to have hope that you’ll see this and not enclose yourself in your tiny community that fears the other.

          • Rabih Deaibess says:

            oh well my friend!
            who ever kills me or try to,is my enemy,yes Israel is My first enemy then comes Palestine then comes Syria USA blablabla!!i care about there cause!!but it’s not mine..if you want to fight Israel try to be more smart!! and stop lowering the level of it’s importance with your stupid boycott!you can boycott things like McDonald and burger king and dunkin in which im pretty sure you go to every once n a while!and never had the guts to stand against these people!!go for the thing tht makes you feel like your doing something!!but in fact you are not doing anything but hurting your country! Killing is the problem my friend!!racism is the problem my friend! unhumanity is the problem!and it’s exactly what you are doing!people that voted against Israel taking over Palestine are now dead!3 generations passed after that! and if you are a bit human as u claim you are you would understand that it’s not the new generation’s problem to face as well! and remember! Palestine was takin from Christians!! lets boycott them as well and help the Christians get the land back…lol..no my friend i am definitely more human then you are!! cz i support young Israeli that were born in a country that fed them lies!!it’s not there fault!!and i support Palestine people that were born here in Lebanon cz the government you vote for or voted b4 still dont give them there rights to be Lebanese though they are 100% as Lebanese as you!! if you want to support know how to support something that means something.not boycott a band that is here for the music…cheers mate!!read a book

  7. Fadi Badran says:

    we share the same air with israel ! lets boycott breathing !! they r not lebanese to boycott them if they performed in israel !! they are free !! …its STUPID

  8. Fadi Badran says:

    in addition ! Mr. Idriss u should have boycotted american universities ! n stick to Lebanese uni u know many students from israel study in the US.

  9. frozen light says:

    ما بدا هلقد guys …. الشباب غنوا بإسرائيل النشيد الاسرائلي، إذا اجو لهون، بغنوا شي نشيد المقاومة؟

  10. Hello to all, especially CBSIL guys, before I go into my argument about why we think that this boycott is actually serving Israel and harming Lebanon and not the other way around, let me start by stating that I am an anti-zionist, have been all my life and will always remain, I am an activist, as in I am actively anti-zionist to the point where I had my facebook account disabled because of it. I boycott products that support Israel or the IDF, and the corporations that support the racist and immoral Israeli regime, so I am in no state defeatist, in fact I believe that the Arabs in general have left the cause while few are still fighting for the end of tyranny, and I, just like you, am of the few who are still fighting that war, and I shall do till the last day of my life.
    That said, boycotting bands or artists or scientists who visited or performed in Israel, is the LEAST affective way to go about our fight… When we boycott artists like Lara Fabian and Guns’N'Roses we are not achieving anything, as someone here said we do not have enough leverage to make it count, a boycott is efficient when Lebanon’s price in the market is high, unfortunately boycotting any artist will make him never comeback as it is not such a loss not to perform here, and it won’t affect Israel at all,. On the other hand the only loser here will be Lebanon, and that is not really clever, your actions has harmed Lebanon and never did really anything for the cause, not even a small step… Please realise that you are serving the zionist regime as they laugh at you.
    On the other hand why do we still have Starbucks in Lebanon? why don’t you work on boycotting the number 1 IDF supporter corporation? I think having Starbucks boycotted is way more effective, although let us be honest if Starbucks closed in Lebanon we will not have harmed our enemies not even a scratch, but at least we would have not, as Lebanese, contributed financially in supporting Israel… While when we boycott an artist that performed in Israel we would have harmed ourselves and MAYBE (rarely) the artist but never the zionist immoral regime.

    Thank you for reading

    • Joe says:

      Bassem, thank you for your reply and engaging in a constructive way. I hope I can do justice in my response.

      First, if you look carefully, Starbucks is not operating in Israel, and it is debatable if there is any support for Israel fromt hat company. So that is not the best target, but I understand what you mean about economic boycott, like Nestle, or coke and others who support Israel through their economic dealings. Starbucks is an old symbol but it pulled out of Israel several years ago and shut its stores.

      Second, the issue with cultural boycott of such bands is important because it begins to build a movement. On its own, boycotting Lara Fabian will not do anything, but you have to see it within a movement. The more this happens, and the more we can convince civil society in other Arab countries to put the same pressure, the more it becomes a problem for these bands to perform in Israel. It sends an economic message: perform there and you lose access to Arab markets. If our big festivals like Byblos and Baalbeck took such positions it woudl send a msg to other Arab festivals. Together we are a much bigger market than Israel. We forget that Israel is a small market on its own. This takes time, but we should work towards it. And like I said in an earlier post, see all the bands who are answering the Palestinian boycott call.

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