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2011 have witnessed some great concerts and festivals of the rock genre such as Byblos Festival with Scorpions and 30 Seconds to Mars , Beirut Rock Festival with Serj Tankian, Katatonia , and Moonspell and now the end of the year had a brilliant finish with the British Pink Floyd Tribute band “Brit Floyd”.

I know that a big group of people stayed at home thinking “Why the hell would I want to watch a tribute band?” and saying now “Damn it, I should have been there” well it’s true, cause what Poliakov and Brit Floyd did yesterday was something off the hook and I wouldn’t picture it any better!

I took the chance to have a sneak peak on the sound check before the show even started, and whatever doubts I had at that time, it totally vanished and I was eager to see the whole magic.

As soon as Brit Floyd kicked it with the song “Shine on your Crazy Diamond” everyone started shouting insanely for witnessing the BEST pink Floyd cover band on earth! Same Riffing and Music, Same Lighting, and same Visuals!

The Sound was loud and clear, and the musicians are taking their job as serious as it gets by simply not fucking up in the tracks or the part where they collaborate all together to deliver a master piece song.
Now; I was so hyped when they performed tracks like ”High Hopes” “Welcome to the Machine” “Wish You were here” , “Another Brick in the Wall” and ending it with “Hey You”, though; I was disappointed by the missing track “Comfortably numb”.

Overall, it was a pretty decent band that can deliver PINK FLOYD as it should be! And the light show was the thing that kept this concert with a rate 9 over 10 and the best light show I have seen so far in Lebanon!

I also had no doubts that Poliakov would organize such a decent event, however I didn’t know that they would make this much effort to deliver a perfect Rock Concert, so I also took the chance to ask one of the promoters what made them think of hosting a rock concert after being active in the electronic scene since they started, and this is what I got as an answer: “We simply had some eyes on the previous rock concerts that took place in Lebanon, especially this year in Byblos Festival and Beirut Rock Fest, and we saw that this market is big and its holding a big target, so why not give them something new and up to the standards…And we’re not going to stop here!”

I salute Poliakov for what they did and I thank them for giving me a hell of an ending year! After yesterday’s concert I have high hopes in hosting more rock and metal artists as we are SICK of the electronic, Pop, Hip Hop shit, we need to feel some talented musicians playing! Some people who worked their asses off to reach somewhere!


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  1. rachna says:

    they did play comfortably numb. you were in a rush to head home weren’t you! :)

  2. rachna says:

    they did play comfortably numb. you were in a rush to get home weren’t you :)

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