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After hearing a lot of rumours regarding Guns N’ Roses performing in Beirut, I didn’t want to spread it myself before I’m sure of it… I made some contacts with the organizers in Dubai who booked the band for March 28th at Yas Island and they told me something is being cooked for Beirut but we have no info other than it’s about to be by the end of March.

I have kept a close eye on Guns N’ Roses website for few days now, as I didn’t want to contact any local promoter :D

And here you go, today the band’s official website announced the date as 30th of March at BIEL.

Now, on a personal note, I’m not so excited to watch them live since the true spirit of GnR is dead, and the soul of who used to create music (Slash) is no longer with them … No clue what to expect. The only reason I would attend this concert, is to tell my kids in the future I watched GnR :)



It’s out! as my sources told me yesterday it’s a local promoter (JK58) joining forces with another one from the UAE (obviously Live Nation)…. Location is also changed from Biel to Forum de Beyrouth.

Tickets will be out on Monday at all Virgin Megastore branches, starting 55S. OR in 30 Minutes on www.Presella.com GRAB YOUR COPY FROM THERE!

What about the line-up? What do you think ??? Still the same Guns N’ Roses?

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11 Responses so far.

  1. Philip says:


  2. Maria Ballan says:

    Not so excited, no longer GnR

  3. George Kennab says:

    Been waiting for this since ages. thank youuuuuuuuu

  4. Cyril Touma says:

    What an awesome news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!

    Are the tickets out?

  5. Joseph Sakr says:

    I saw them last year in Abu Dhabi, and everybody was saying it’s not the real GNR….but believe me it’s not a concert you want to miss…They’re still absolutely awesome!!!!

  6. Stephany Jadaa says:

    Waiting for Presella.com can’t wait!!

  7. Tickets are up and on sale!!

    This concert is going to be amazing!!!

  8. Mano says:

    Because It’s No Longer GNR ITS GONNA BE Awesome , Slash Is Gone Simply WE HAVE DJ ASHBA … Enough Said .

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