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You know, Zaatar W Zeit is one of the few places that you pass by after a long night of drinking or the very early morning before you head home. Which makes it your second home in a way or another, home where you want to come  relax and enjoy your meal; But that’s just not the case any more.

zaatar-w-zetI haven’t been to Zaatar W Zeit since 2 years now due to many reasons… The over priced/over rated food, the small portion, the bad service/time of serving, and the lack of professionalism of the staff. I remember it was the Zalka-Highway branch that made me curse the hell out of this place; 30 Minutes waiting for a waiter to take my order, 20 minutes later than the usual to get my food, getting me the wrong order, and being told “Sorry Sir we are short on staff tonight and it’s too crowded”. In short: A serious and disturbing bad service.

However, after I heard that the identity was changed and everything is better now, I wanted to give it another shot. So my friends and I decided to try the new branch in Gemayze street. But nothing actually changed, things even got worse. When we got there, my friends wanted to order the usual stuff, not knowing that the kitchen closes at a certain time, leaving us to choose from the “Furn” menu, where you can order Man’ouche, Eggs, and Cheese, and it turned out to be an epic fail.

I was glad that I was hanging with people who have an experience in the food domain, who like their bellies and nag a lot when it comes to eating… Not to forget that some are experts in Marketing and Management. Thanks to them I’m writing this article, and thanks to them the waiter there is going to think twice before starting a conversation with random costumers, because he might get people who are in the business and that could crush him.

zaatar-350x214Is it really the same Zaatar W Zeit look when we used to attend in the past? I remember wanting to try this place cause it had a unique design and a good idea of a Lebanese Restaurant, and now it’s all gone, from local old school “Furn” to a modern full of shit “Restaurant”.

It’s not good to come drunk or even sober and wanting to order something you are really craving for and you don’t find it… Such as the French Fries at 4 AM;  If your kitchen closes at a specific time, then simply MAKE A FREAKING ADVERTISEMENT ABOUT IT!

Moreover, “Wrong Order” is not in my dictionary! And make sure you train your staff before they take our orders! If you don’t care about your and your customers’ satisfaction towards food then you literally have no life.

Zaatar W Zeit is my next target in the upcoming weeks/months… I will surely write another article if things are not fixed. People are paying money for good quality, good service, good food, and a good place to relax, otherwise they go and eat at home!

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  1. kamal melky says:

    Elia I forget to mention smt about that night we “ate” their ,I really hated the food ,I did order eggs sunny side up and from my experience in food and visiting restaurants the eggs In borj hammoud are tastier and better,not to forget the size of the portion , and zaatar w zeit , if u don’t serve fries or anything fried after 3am don’t fuckin open!!!!!

  2. Marru says:

    You just reminded me of a wrong order they got me once…whoop

    Leil Nhar is definitely better and much tastier , try it out if you still havn’t.

  3. George says:

    wow that is so true!
    I remember one time I asked a waiter there about something on the menu, he couldn’t answer me and called his colleague instead. lol

    looking forward to some updates :D

  4. Al1 says:

    i stoped eating there a year ago when we ordered delivery and found out white little worms having a private party in the salad.
    we called and informed them about our little problem and they apologized for that. but shouldn’t they at least offer us to send our money back?
    you’re being ripped off by people who are allready really loaded.
    the owner of zwz has dunkin donuts and now opening some falafel thing and lots of other things.
    Boycotting these chains are a way to say Fuck you to the system.

    • Elia says:

      Damn! I wouldn’t just call if I had this incident with me…. Going to the headquarters would be my case!

      We shouldn’t just be quiet about such things, even if it’s the fanciest restaurant!

      Thank you for sharing Alain!

  5. Just read your article. I think you just have bad luck. I agree with what you said about the Zalqa branch (bad and slow service) but I think you chose the wrong branch to try it again : the Gemayze one is still new. You should try Kaslik’s branch, it’s the best, good fast service, nice waiters etc…

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